We take care of your health in a comprehensive and outpatient manner.

With more than a decade of experience, we are the first outpatient infusion medical center in the Tijuana and San Diego region.

Human quality

We provide cordial, respectful and humanized treatment to the patient, their loved ones and the professionals involved in each process.

Respect and solidarity

We know how difficult it can be to face a period of health loss, which is why we establish relationships based on understanding and supportive care.


At Mirai Medical Center we have
the same objective: take care of your health. We work as a team to offer you exceptional service, complying with the most rigorous quality standards.

More than 10 years of experience in Oncology.

Proudly the first of its kind in the region. Our main focus has been characterized on intravenous therapy derived from different medical specialties. Schedule an appointment with us and look towards a healthier future!


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Mirai: your oncology center  with an oriental focus in Tijuana and San Diego

Mirai is the first outpatient infusion medical center in the Tijuana and San Diego region. We are distinguished by 10 years of experience implementing Eastern philosophy, which translates into a comprehensive approach and warm treatment towards each patient.

The term ‘Mirai’, of Japanese origin, means “future”. This reflects our vision of promoting a healthier future for each of our patients.

These five core values guide us:

Trust us to take care of your health and look
towards a healthier future!


We have a range of therapies and
outpatient services with proven effectiveness.

Each procedure is designed to bring patients closer to an optimal state of health, whether to treat an illness or improve their physical performance. Your well-being is our priority

Ambulatory Infusion Center

Safe and convenient treatments using intravenous infusions to improve health without hospitalization.

Parenteral Mixture Center

Precise preparation of medications according to medical prescriptions, including intravenous administration and comprehensive monitoring.

External Medical Consultation

Comprehensive care for diagnosis, monitoring and medical controls, including prenatal monitoring according to the required specialty.

Intravenous Therapy

Direct administration of substances or medications into the bloodstream for diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive purposes.

Outpatient Procedures

Brief medical tests or interventions, without the need for an overnight stay, offering greater comfort to patients.


Safe obtaining of biological samples for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

We accept the following insurers

We offer convenience and peace of mind by accepting a wide variety of health insurance to cover your care needs.



The most trained professionals
in therapies and outpatient services

Our team has vast experience, ensuring exceptional care
and optimal results for your health. Meet those who will take care of you!

Dr. Carlos R. Lugo E.

Medical Oncology

Professional License:
8494312 / 12478767

Dr. Gisela Meza

Oncological Gynecology

Professional License:
7765538 / 12166942 / 12840631

Dr. Jorge A. Félix Bulman

Internal Medicine / Cardiology

Professional License:
8551778 / 12292857 / 12474440

Dr. Mitza García Jacquez

Pain Medicine
and Palliative Care

Professional License:
09653292 / 10918860


Are you looking for infusion services for your clinic or private practice? Come to Mirai

At Mirai, we are committed to providing the highest level of care to our patients, and we know that a network of strong collaborators is essential to achieve this.
We work closely with:

  • Health professionals and private offices
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals

By joining our network of collaborators, you will have access to a wide range of outpatient infusion services, supported by a team of highly trained oncology physicians and nurses.


A space designed to
make you feel better

We want you to feel at home, that’s why we have cozy facilities equipped with the best technology, supplies and materials to give you the attention you deserve.


Our priority
will always be you

At Mirai we are committed to guaranteeing a safe and quality experience. To our patients, read what they say about us! See the following success story at Mirai Medical Center.